About I.A.S. Accounting Services Ltd


I.A.S. Accounting Services Ltd is a Cypriot established company since 2008 which offers accounting services, tax consulting and planning services, audit and assurance services.

I.A.S. Accounting Services Ltd is a licensed member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants (ICPAC) for Practising, Provision of Administrative Services and Auditing (Certificate number: E32/G/2013, E432/F/2013 &E432/A/2013).

Today our firm is operating with a team of 15 up to 20 highly motivated, qualified and experienced professionals seeking to provide superior client service with professional objectivity and working with due diligence to preserve the trust and interest of our clients.

Additionally, I.A.S. Accounting Services Ltd has received the awards of ACCA Approved Employer Practicing Certificate Development, Professional Development and Platinum Trainee Development.
Noteworthy to mention that, priority to us is to treat each client with strict confidence. Services are offered to any kind of business including companies licensed by CySec.

Mr Panayiotis A. Kallis is the sole Shareholder and Director of I.A.S. Accounting Services Ltd and believes that, the business relations are better built through personal contacts.

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